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new merch

pressure RIP

"so after 5 years, 9 different member changes, a full U.S tour, 2 east coast tours, 3 west coast tours, and countless trips up and down california... we're calling it quits come may.

it's been a fun ride, but some of us have other commitments that supercede the band. in all honesty, it's been a struggle to put together music since one half of the band lives a ways away from the other half.

everything we recorded (minus our turd demo), plus a live set from KGRG radio is available on our blog for download at our split with COA on 6131 records and the "beasts" 7" on burn bridges records are still in print for sale. we provided links to both labels for purchase.

our friends at BIG TIME MERCH have an exclusive design by adam rossiter in their website at as well as an exclusive design by tyler densley (LEWD ACTS) at MISSION MERCH you can also check out 6131 RECORDS at for our sick cock sparrer ripoff shirt!

we'll be playing our final show at RAIN FEST this memorial day weekend - may 28, 29, and 30. we're really stoked that we can go out with bang with a ton of awesome bands that we love surrounded by great kids from all over the country. up until then, we will play some last california shows.

tim and colin have recorded some scratch tracks for a final release. it'll be 2 or 3 new songs on a casette tape only split with our close friends (and in some cases matching tattoo having and house-sharing) ROTTING OUT. this tape will be available at RAIN FEST and from 6131 RECORDS after the fest is over.

please support our other current projects:

colin is drumming for RUCKUS he's also singing for a band called TWITCHING TONGUES. no myspace link, but keep an eye out... this shit will blow you away. tim is playing in MINUS with ex-members of VIOLATION and current members of FELL TO LOW. josh is dick-dragging somewhere in huntington beach. ryan is a fucking mystery to us all. i'm hoping to continue being in bands, but just to have fun... no hitting the road.

anyways... it's been awesome. we wish we could personally thank everyone for their support, for buying our records, for feeding us, giving us a floor to crash on, getting us high or drunk, etc., but this is probably the best way to reach the most people.


p.s. - listen to more alpha & omega and touche amore."

Monday, January 11, 2010

joe harder turns 30!

come party and support these venues

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome Debaser to the family!

We are very happy to welcome Debaser to the 6131 family! After picking up the "Rich White Boys" 7" earlier this year I knew there was something special about this band, and after seeing them at the Great American Hardcore Fest my feelings were confirmed. There were a lot of great bands that weekend, but Debaser absolutely blew me away. To say that we're excited to be working with them is an understatement. I can't wait to hear what they do next. Look for their debut 7" on 6131 to come out next spring/summer.

If you haven't heard Debaser yet, please check them out at:

Debaser is leaving for an east coast tour later this month. Check out the dates below.
Dec 26 2009 The Argyle Buffalo, New York
Dec 27 2009 709 Railroad Street Johnston, Pennsylvania
Dec 28 2009 Now Thats Class Cleveland, Ohio
Dec 29 2009 TBA Michigan Detroit, Michigan
Dec 30 2009 The Dojo Indianapolis, Indiana
Dec 31 2009 301 North Fell Street Norman, Illinois
Jan 1 2010 Tba St.Louis St. Louis, Missouri
Jan 2 2010 The Firehouse Birmingham, Alabama
Jan 3 2010 Free Radicals Tallahassee, Florida
Jan 4 2010 Uncle Lous Orlando, Florida
Jan 5 2010 House Of Hardcore Columbia, South Carolina
Jan 6 2010 My Favorite Thing Records Greensboro, North Carolina
Jan 7 2010 Spankys Roanoke, Virginia
Jan 8 2010 TBA Pennsylvania Chalfont, Pennsylvania
Jan 9 2010 Wallingford American Legion Wallingford, Connecticut

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